Tech and trailer storage ??

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Tech and trailer storage ??

Postby Tootall » Fri Jul 01, 2016 11:37 pm

Hi Guys,
New guy here. I'm coming from Ontario to race CSBK and would like to hit the local SARL races the weekend before on July 9-10.

First question is about trailer and bike storage. The wife and I would like to cruise around NS between races and would love to find a SAFE place to leave trailer instead of dragging it all over. It's 16' long in total and 8' wide.

Second question is my bike has passed tech with CSBK 4 times as it sits right now. Anything different with SARL rules I need to know?

Third is what classes am I eligible for? I'm riding a 1000cc superbike and I'm 49yrs old.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Tech and trailer storage ??

Postby seXXes » Sat Jul 02, 2016 11:48 am

Hey Steve.

Realistically if your bike has passed tech inspection with CSBK then you will be fine at a regional sARL event.

You (and your bike) would qualify for Superbike (AM or PRO depending on your rider classification) and formula 46. Formula 46 is a class where the age of the bike + the age of the rider has to be equal to or greater than 46.

As far as leaving your trailer...most years there are people who camp out at the track for the week between our regional round and the CSBK round. I might be, I'm not sure yet. Your trailer would be safe there if it was locked up and you asked one of the folks camping out to make sure someone doesn't latch onto it. I have never seen anyone's kit messed with while there was someone at the track.

If that doesn't pan out (nobody staying) then I can find you a spot to park it for the week. My sister lives in Shubie and I could likely get her to let you park the trailer there.

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