High Performance Riding Academy FAQ

How do I apply?

Registration form is available under Registration tab here High Performance Riding School Registration

Note: Cancelling your registration within 2 weeks of the academy will result in a $100 cancellation Fee. As an alternative, the registration fee can be applied to the next available academy.

Is the Riding Academy only applicable to racers?

While completing a riding academy is a prerequisite for racing it is far from only for racing. It is for anyone who wishes to learn more handling techniques for their motorcycle. It provides focused track time with goals to improve certain skills. The riders are divided in to groups, so that each riders needs can be met.

What if my bike is older or not a sportbike?

The academy is about learning the limits of you AND your motorcycle. Physics doesn't care what type of motorcycle you have.

What happens at the academy?

Saturday morning begins with a classroom session in which we discuss techniques that will be used throughout the weekend. You will meet the instructors and discuss riding techniques and safety procedures. Students will be tested on basic safety, riding techniques, flags, and proper track entrance and exit. After the classroom session students will be divided in three groups, beginner, intermediate and advanced. Instructors will lead students on a walk around the track while racers show students the proper lines. The purpose of the track walk is to learn the layout of the track and the best line you'll want to follow. The track portion of the academy begins Saturday after lunch. You'll be on the track for the remainder of Saturday and all day Sunday. Each group rotates through with 15-minute track sessions. The instructors will show you the way and observe you as you ride. If at any time you feel like the group you are in is too fast or too slow you can ask your instructors to move you to a faster or slower group. We want students to be comfortable and have fun.

What is the schedule of a weekend?

08:00 – Sign in, sign the waiver and obtain a numbered sticker for your bike.
08:30 – All bike in Pit Lane ready to be inspected
09:30 – Classroom session begins
11:00 – Track walk with instructors in assigned groups.
12:00 – Lunch is provided
13:00 – On track sessions with rotation of Group 1, 2 and 3
17:00 – Track closes

09:00 – On track sessions begin rotation of all three groups
12:00 – Lunch is provided
13:00 – On track session continues from the morning.
16:30 – Certificate and T-shirt Presentation
17:00 – Head home to become the envy of your peers

When do I need to be there?

All students must arrive and be prepared to sign-in at 8:00am Saturday morning. Failure to sign the waiver means you can not take part in the academy.

What time does the day end?

Both days the will end at approximately 5:00pm

What equipment do I need to wear?

-Full face helmet in good condition, minimum DOT and Snell 2005 or ECE22-05
-Gloves that cover your wrists and are in good condition.
-Boots that cover your ankles
-One or two piece riding suit either leather or ballistic/kevlar type material, two piece suits must zip or fasten together in some way.
-Back protectors are recommended but not mandatory.

What do I have to do to my motorcycle?

-Remove mirrors
-Tape headlights, tail light and signals completely (removing of fuses recommended)
-Have decent tires, not overly worn with proper air pressure.
-No oil, coolant, fuel, suspension or brake leaks.
-Throttle that snaps to the shut position
-Chain and sprocket in good condition

What if it rains?

The academy runs rain or shine

How do I know I have been accepted?

If you have completed the registration form, and submitted payment you are in! Once the academy is full and announcement will be made and we will start a waiting list. If you are on the waiting list we will contact you in the event a registered participant is unable to attend.